Saturday, April 16, 2005


school is cool. i don't care what other people say. without school, many people would never meet th' people that they do. think about it. if you don't understand, then maybe you will later in life. i suppose that i like my classes. all of my teachers, with the exception of one, are all very brilliant in their work. the exception mrs. crockett. my, oh my! did someone fail english back in high school? on a recent quiz, we were required to write th' element name and symbol of an element that she would pronounce to us students. i studied for once, but only the symbols, as i believe that i have exceptional spelling skills. i remembered that "cerium" {ce}, was one of the elements. so when mrs. crockett said, what i though was cerium, (she pronounced "say-rium") i wrote cerium on my paper. grading our work in class, i was suprised when she said that the answer given by almost all students, cerium, was not the correct answer. her answer was samarium {sm}. i, of course, complained to her, as i often do. i could not persuade her to accept the ignorance that she so obviously possesed. that wasn't the only time that i was angered by her stupidity.
even more recently, we watched the movie, "th' core", which is highly illogical, but it's still better than classwork. after the film, mrs. crockett had prepared a worksheet that was purely opinion. after reading a question, i was confused. "number four" was a mixed problem. it was a mix of a question and a statement, so i, in my answer, told her of this dissaray that had come over me. this specific paper was opinion only, yet i managed to score a great seventy-six on th' assignment. wow. that is what i get for fighting th' power, huh?
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