Saturday, April 16, 2005

movies and shows

yes, many of you did not know that these were seperate things. *cough cough* (jeremy) fo-pah! like any other teenager, i enjoy watching any type of movie, as long as th' story doesn't bore me to death. i recently saw "donnie darko", which was really cool. "a perfect world", starring kevin costner, is now one of my favorites also. i cannot leave out th' "escape from ny/la" movies. th' main character is named "snake plissken"! how can that possibly be bad? another movie that amazed me starred th' great character, jack skellington. guess which movie that would be? post your comments and favorite movies here.

my favorite show would have to be 'viva la bam'. i used to watch 'jackass' often, but i have seen all of them. i love watching anyone pull a shopping cart. it's just brilliant. don vito. what more can i say about him, except "doh!" post comments here


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