Saturday, April 30, 2005

more on my 'favorite' class

elvira. i hate you.

very recently, during a powerpoint presentation in our class, a girl, (hi alyssa) chose to play music in the background while she read the slides. after the presentation, mrs. crackpot said, and i almost perfectly quote this, "...the music was a little bit overpowering you. you need to download that." dear god! all of you fellow computer dudes and chicks will realize that she clearly just wanted to use a big word that us unintelligent students, have never heard before. of course, she had to go and 'eff' up that. (for all of you other 'morons' out there, she shouldn't have said 'downloaded'. ~and you all nod your heads in acknowledgement~. *props to mr. raichel, for being a great teacher for math (algebra and such) and making learning fun! ha! ...why does everyone fail mr. raichel's class, but even the idiots pass mrs. hamilton's same class with a's? damn! i miss her stories, but still, mr. r is cool.

back to elvira. *i will no longer call her mrs. crockett, but i will call her by her first name*

phenolphthalein. i dare any of you to pronounce that mutha right. well.......... elvira. 'can you say this word for us?' -said a student....
*quietly and quickly, she says this* "feenal-flailing". seriously, does she think that we think, that she is smart? argh!

the outline/review blunder...

phew... i was gone one day that we worked on a 14 problem review in our books. i turned it in a few days later, when i received my progress report. i gave it to her, directly to her. i did that so she couldn't have an alibi for sabotaging my paper. okay. i walk back to my crappy, falling-apart pos desk. elvira calls me to her desk. i see that she had been quite creative with a pen on my work. she wrote something that i wouldn't have been able to read, and i still haven't received the paper back again... she wrote, some nonsense about how to do a proper outline. she starts showing me the proper way to write an outline. oh my! i forgot that you are a ~~~~~~ 'tard elvira! maybe i should have wrote in even bigger letters, REVIEW, at the top of the damn page. i said, "whoa, whoa, whoa, mrs. crockett, this isn't my outline! this is my review! see? *i then pointed to "#5 on pr", (the review was number five on the progress report) then she most rapidly scribbled even more creatively on my paper, making her idiocy just a large mark on my paper. brilliant cover up elvira! i hate you! argh!


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