Friday, July 01, 2005


go there...join...what more must i say...fools!

Friday, May 06, 2005

district for tennis (actually more on people attending)

it was really great... we left school on thursday before eight hour, so that itself was cool. friday we didn't have school, so i am not gonna miss out on more math homework (by the way... i have given up in algebra two for this semester; there is no hope).

back to th' topic...
we drove down to santa fe at 2:30 and arrived later than i had hoped. we ate at sick-ass furrs. i sat with big terr-dog, who ate a vast amount of food. i ate fast, but only after spending five minutes cleaning my own damn silverware! during my meal, nell came over and told me, "skyler, i hate you." i responded, "why? what did i do?" and of course i did do something. she told me this: "ana vi is over there crying about what you did last week." *on th' inside, i was laughing my ass off, you'll find out why...*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~flashback to last thursday night~~~~~~~~~~~~~
before going into our (terri, sterling, mike, and i) room, i ran over to th' window of the room that ana vi, shar, helena, and crysta stayed in. i pulled my boxers and shorts half-way down, and stuck my ass cheeks on th' window. i called five minutes later to their room to mine, and shar told me that ana vi was crying and in shock of what she saw. sure. uh-huh. i, being a gentleman as usual of course, apologized (actually ana vi wouldn't talk on the phone, so i told shar to tell her that i was sorry).
~~~~~~~~~~~~~return to earlier today~~~~~~~~~~~~
i told nell to apologize for me. i did this even knowing that she really wasn't crying. it was obvious. also.... on the bus....
~~~~~~~~~~~~even earlier, on the bus~~~~~~~~~~~
i was listening to nirvana when all of a sudden nell and ana vi (who sat near me) started talking about how ana vi was horrified. i could tell that they wanted me to overhear this conversation, so i listened. she also said that she's been having "nightmares" about th' incident. sure. this told me one thing; that she had my ass on her mind. yes. i believe that there is a possible love interest here! of course, i like her, too (actually, i think she is th' most beautiful girl that i know), but dating her would be oh-so difficult, as we go to different schools -i'm at th' high school and she's at th' junior high-, and tennis is now over. plus, i don't have my drivers license, or a decent car to drive. (over th' summer, though, my sister should be buying a new car, thus allowing me to have her old car, which is a '94 'stang)
how would i hang-out and stuff with her? how would i take her to th' movies? i wouldn't want to have to go with other people! being together and alone (kind of paradoxial) is important! argh! any advice given would be accepted, ya know?

oh, and if you wanna know how i did in my matches, don't bother! i don't care that much! i do remember ana vi's matches though, as i watched most of hers. (in one particular match, i stood near the fence while she served. i was at an angle where she could she me watching her. everytime she would serve, she would quickly glance at me during mid-toss. when she would miss th' ball or mess-up somehow, we would share smiles at her loss. ana vi did play very well while i watched her in a particular match, but then i had to leave for my match. she ended up losing 2-6, 0-6. i still told her that she played well and such, ya know? i was supportive of her! i want her to play tennis next year, but i don't know if she will. i will convince her to play. what's really cool though, ana vi is a gamer chick! how freakin' cool is that?! there are few gaming women in my area, and almost none are even remotely hot. but ana vi is clearly a hot gamer.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

more on kurt

kurt cobain. we all know who he was. after reading the information of and from , i have been convinced that kurt cobain was murdered. read the facts! he shot up some heroine, three times the lethal dosage, even a hardcore heroine addict like kurt couldn't possibly survive. this overdosage would immobilize him almost immediately. Kurt did this before he "shot himself". how would he be able to do that if he is immobilized? maybe he had a little help... Cali?! read the site to understand! jeez!

more on my 'favorite' class

elvira. i hate you.

very recently, during a powerpoint presentation in our class, a girl, (hi alyssa) chose to play music in the background while she read the slides. after the presentation, mrs. crackpot said, and i almost perfectly quote this, "...the music was a little bit overpowering you. you need to download that." dear god! all of you fellow computer dudes and chicks will realize that she clearly just wanted to use a big word that us unintelligent students, have never heard before. of course, she had to go and 'eff' up that. (for all of you other 'morons' out there, she shouldn't have said 'downloaded'. ~and you all nod your heads in acknowledgement~. *props to mr. raichel, for being a great teacher for math (algebra and such) and making learning fun! ha! ...why does everyone fail mr. raichel's class, but even the idiots pass mrs. hamilton's same class with a's? damn! i miss her stories, but still, mr. r is cool.

back to elvira. *i will no longer call her mrs. crockett, but i will call her by her first name*

phenolphthalein. i dare any of you to pronounce that mutha right. well.......... elvira. 'can you say this word for us?' -said a student....
*quietly and quickly, she says this* "feenal-flailing". seriously, does she think that we think, that she is smart? argh!

the outline/review blunder...

phew... i was gone one day that we worked on a 14 problem review in our books. i turned it in a few days later, when i received my progress report. i gave it to her, directly to her. i did that so she couldn't have an alibi for sabotaging my paper. okay. i walk back to my crappy, falling-apart pos desk. elvira calls me to her desk. i see that she had been quite creative with a pen on my work. she wrote something that i wouldn't have been able to read, and i still haven't received the paper back again... she wrote, some nonsense about how to do a proper outline. she starts showing me the proper way to write an outline. oh my! i forgot that you are a ~~~~~~ 'tard elvira! maybe i should have wrote in even bigger letters, REVIEW, at the top of the damn page. i said, "whoa, whoa, whoa, mrs. crockett, this isn't my outline! this is my review! see? *i then pointed to "#5 on pr", (the review was number five on the progress report) then she most rapidly scribbled even more creatively on my paper, making her idiocy just a large mark on my paper. brilliant cover up elvira! i hate you! argh!

Friday, April 29, 2005

kurt cobain

Justice For Kurt Cobain

go here.
pay your respect.
learn the truth...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

si vis pacem, para bellum

if you wish for peace, prepare for war


"sometimes it's a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence." -david byrne, talking heads

"a friend is nothing but a known enemy." -kurt cobain, nirvana

"i'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." -kurt cobain, nirvana

"i'm so happy because today I found my friends - they're in my head." -lyrics by nirvana

"there are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors." -jim morrison, the doors

"open your eyes, look within. are you satisfied with the life you're living?" -bob marley


school is cool. i don't care what other people say. without school, many people would never meet th' people that they do. think about it. if you don't understand, then maybe you will later in life. i suppose that i like my classes. all of my teachers, with the exception of one, are all very brilliant in their work. the exception mrs. crockett. my, oh my! did someone fail english back in high school? on a recent quiz, we were required to write th' element name and symbol of an element that she would pronounce to us students. i studied for once, but only the symbols, as i believe that i have exceptional spelling skills. i remembered that "cerium" {ce}, was one of the elements. so when mrs. crockett said, what i though was cerium, (she pronounced "say-rium") i wrote cerium on my paper. grading our work in class, i was suprised when she said that the answer given by almost all students, cerium, was not the correct answer. her answer was samarium {sm}. i, of course, complained to her, as i often do. i could not persuade her to accept the ignorance that she so obviously possesed. that wasn't the only time that i was angered by her stupidity.
even more recently, we watched the movie, "th' core", which is highly illogical, but it's still better than classwork. after the film, mrs. crockett had prepared a worksheet that was purely opinion. after reading a question, i was confused. "number four" was a mixed problem. it was a mix of a question and a statement, so i, in my answer, told her of this dissaray that had come over me. this specific paper was opinion only, yet i managed to score a great seventy-six on th' assignment. wow. that is what i get for fighting th' power, huh?
please post your comments and stories of your own.

plans for the future

as my duty as a man, i must pass on my seed, not for awhile though, as there is much that i need to accomplish before receiving th' ball and chain. i (somewhat) plan on going to collins college in tempe, arizona after i graduate. there i may study game design. to be able to create videogames would be my ultimate goal in my career. i also plan on moving somewhere that i can snowboard more often. maybe i won't. that depends on so many other things. "i cannot tell what my future holds for me, but i can tell where i may lead it." -skyler h.
maybe someday they'll quote me for that. post your comments

movies and shows

yes, many of you did not know that these were seperate things. *cough cough* (jeremy) fo-pah! like any other teenager, i enjoy watching any type of movie, as long as th' story doesn't bore me to death. i recently saw "donnie darko", which was really cool. "a perfect world", starring kevin costner, is now one of my favorites also. i cannot leave out th' "escape from ny/la" movies. th' main character is named "snake plissken"! how can that possibly be bad? another movie that amazed me starred th' great character, jack skellington. guess which movie that would be? post your comments and favorite movies here.

my favorite show would have to be 'viva la bam'. i used to watch 'jackass' often, but i have seen all of them. i love watching anyone pull a shopping cart. it's just brilliant. don vito. what more can i say about him, except "doh!" post comments here

the music

i listen to a wide variety of music. th' talking heads, cky, sublime, anything from th' seventies, system of a down, most pop/rock from the eighties, mc chris, korn, most hard rock, th' deftones, nirvana, dio, pink floyd, and most anything else. post your comments here if you want.


i seem to be a fanatic when th' topic of conversation changes to videogames. i am a gamer. don't ever forget that fact. i also love snowboarding. yes, i do fear for my life when flying down a mountain at over twenty miles per hour, but perhaps that is why i love it...hmm... i have taken quite a fondness for dark-haired women. i suppose you could say, th' darker th' better? i have given up all hope for blondes. they tend to be, well, blonde. i am a quarter spanish, and maybe that is why i also tend to like women of that "genre".


i am skyler. people call me various names and "aliases" that i have become accustomed to. one just happens to be th' same name as a popular submarine sandwich, but noone cares 'bout that. if you ever feel th' need to contact me, just post your comments here or email me at maybe i'll create some sort of a guestbook on this blog, but hey, you never know.